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Exposed personal information leaves you vulnerable




Stalkers and disgruntled acquaintances increasingly turn to the Internet to find addresses, phone numbers and other personal details about their targets—including the names and locations of family members.



Hackers use personal information in phishing attacks to extract banking passwords and security codes from their targets.


Identity Theft

Identity thieves use personal information found online to impersonate their targets and open fraudulent accounts in their names.

How We Protect Your Privacy


Initial Deep Web Scan

We scan the web for any personal data, including the name, phone-number, address, cell-phone, family names, and more!

Personal Data Removal

Sit back and relax while our privacy experts manually find and remove your information from over 187 websites on the internet.


On Going Monitoring

We periodically check the status of all removals and remove any new records found. We search for new sources of personal information that require removal and process them automatically.

Our Plans

Websites we remove from

PeopleFinders.com, WhitePages.com, Spokeo.com, USSearch.com, USA-People-Search.com, PrivateEye.com/PeopleFinders.com*, PrivateEye.com/PeopleFinders.com*, MyLife.com, Acxiom Corp., True People Search and 160 More!

I have more than one name I go by, will I have to pay extra?

A: No, you do not! You’ll never have to worry about paying extra for yourself or a family member that has more than one name, nickname, or ethnic spelling.

What makes you better than competitors?

A: While most companies are capable of requesting the removal of your personal information from the same people search websites we do, they do not follow up with Google and actually remove the data from Google’s search engine. This additional step in our does take more time, but the process ensures your home address, phone number, family members, etc are 100% hidden from the internet.

Do you do bulk order discounts?

Yes, if you need more than four names removed we do offer discounted rates. 

How Long until I see results?

You can see links removed within 24 hours of ordering. You will be complety secure within 3-7 days average.

I have purchased a website, marketing, and the name removal service from Eminere Media. Very happy with all! They are my one stop shop for all my digital needs.

Karina C

These guys removed all my information from over 40 websites in just a few days. When I told them I have a nick name with information public they removed that info as well! 

David Smith

After I saw an add I google searched my name and was shocked to find so much sensitive info popping up on the first page. I purchased the single package and saw my info disappear with in a few days! A+

Janet Chavez

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