Development Reps


Eminere Media specializes in Orchestrated Outbound. Packed pipelines with qualified meetings is how our clients benefit.

Full Pipelines 

Your Passion + Our SDR Experts = Full Pipelines

Eminere Media is a sales development outsource company. We recruit, hire, train and retain dedicated sales development teams for our clients. You know your product and customers well. We have the inside sales chops to deliver the perfect message, to the perfect prospect, at the exact right time.

Now, our collective sales development experience and the Eminere Media Platform allows you to gain actionable insights and real-time reporting to optimize your sales titles to make sure your team is getting the right message to the right audience at the exact right time.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eminere Media on projects here at HubUX for the past 9-months. Each project we do is unique and each set of participants we’ve asked to recruit have all been completely different from one another. Some projects involving recruiting super geo-specific consumers and other projects have involved recruiting c-level executives, regardless of what the recruitment need has been, Eminere Media has always delivered.

Eric Santos

Co-Founder at HubUX