Clients are hesitant to trust their valuable time & money to an attorney they’ve briefly met. Studies have found that people under 45 years old are five times more likely compared to older generations to analyze online reviews before requesting a service or visiting a business.

In today’s world, T.V. commercials, online ads, and even word-to-mouth are becoming less and less effective in influencing a customer’s decision compared to an online review or ranking. A simple Google search of someone’s name, the average stars a service receives, or carefully written reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Google, or Linkedin have been found to have more power to influence a customer’s decision.

The legal field is no exception, potential clients will read online reviews about an attorney’s professionalism, expertise, & attitude before requesting their legal help. That is why attorneys across the country hire reputation repair services to fix their online reputation.

When over 90% of people don’t look past the first google search page—it’s helpful to hire a reputation repair service that will bury negative information, like an attorney’s prior suspension, & promote positive reviews & press releases to leave a lasting impression on future clients.

Our site recommends Eminere Media, whose Founder & CEO, Yusuf Robinson, is a top-ranked expert on reputation management.

Founded in 2018, Eminere Media has worked with recognizable, worldwide organizations and brands. Yusuf Robinson personally advises high profile individual clients, including Hollywood celebrities, government officials, and business executives.

Yusuf Robinson & the Eminere Media team are now expanding their once exclusive service to the legal & medical field.

“Most of my clients are surprised by how much negative information is out there,” says Yusuf Robinson, “and it is my job to control what information shows up online. I edit your Google search results the same way you can edit your social media profile.”